Lesotho’s staple food generally features potato, seafood, rice and vegetables. Basotho food usually include sauces which are generally less spicy than other African countries. Corn based dishes include mealie pap (a maize porridge), Pap-pap (cornmeal porridge) and Dipabi (daytime snack for working hours). Other dishes include Motoho o bodila (Sour Porridge made from sorghum), Moroho (Fresh greens chopped finely, salted heavily and cooked well), Bohobe (Freshly baked bread) and Nama [meat of lihoho (chicken), likhomo (cow), fereki (pig), linku (sheep), or lipoli (goat).

Sauces such as Oxtail stew, Pea sauce which are cooked to local tastes with chopped greens or other vegetables goes with the thick porridge; occasionally, meat such as chicken or oxtail are added in. Beetroot, carrot, Pea salad and roasted corn ears are common side dishes.

Joale a local beer is served at informal neighborhood gatherings. A very special local drink known as the Red latte made with extra-strong rooibos tea which is grown in Lesotho.

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